Do you like melancholy heartbreak tunes, Sci-fi Power ballads and anthems of the 21st century?


Cutting through the silence of the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was once rock n roll, Nova Babies look like something the cat dragged in from the early 2000’s but their sound is more live than an atomic bomb. Hooks, fresh grooves, explosive dynamics, and lyrics representing the anxieties of American youth. Nova Babies are on a mission to bring new light to your favorite Spotify playlist.


Formed in 2018 somewhere in Downtown Las Vegas in the back alley of one of the bands favorite local joints. It wasn’t long before they stole the hearts of many audiences locally. They had plans to tour but were interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. That did not stop them from releasing their debut album Out For Blood in late 2020 the record introduced studio versions of crowd favorites such as Goodbye Blondie, Kidz With Billz and Fell In Love With A Vampire.


Many other great bands in the scene didn’t make it through the logistics of a pandemic. However, Tony and Charlie made it clear that even the end of the world could not put an end to Nova Babies


Tenacious as ever but too broke to afford more studio time, they began producing new songs from home with a rag tag mix of audio gear the studio was getting rid of and began working on writing and tracking new material including the singles “Thoughts and Prayers” and “MonoVision” that were both swiftly released only a few months after their previous album.


With the world recovering globally with the help of vaccine distribution and the return of events, the band is currently working on producing an arsenal of new songs and plans to tour once safe for their audiences...



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